Have you ever wanted to see what Triathlon is all about?
On Friday 11th December 2020, Genesis Triathlon will be holding a ‘Come and Tri’ event. Everyone is welcome to come along and give it a Tri!
There are two distances available:
????‍♀️ Just Tri: Swim 100m, Cycle 3km and Run 500m
???? Just Tri Harder: Swim 150m Cycle 6km and Run 1km
The event will be held at the GSA, in the safety of the pool and school oval and the first wave ‘Just Tri Swim’ will start at 8am with the ‘Just Tri Harder’ starting shortly after.
Please register your interest by emailing triathlon@genesis.qld.edu.au with your names and distance. The final date to register is Friday 5th December.
Genesis Triathlon