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Inaugural season starting October 11th (Term 4 2021)

Genesis Futsal Club is a Futsal club that offers social leagues based at Genesis Christian College, Bray Park.
Register for our Summer Season only $195.00

Genesis Futsal Club is a Football Queensland – Futsal recognized club that delivers social futsal competitions at Genesis Christian College, Bray Park. We offer fun social competitions each term. Gather some friends and register today.

The Genesis Futsal Club operates a Junior & Senior league which are open to the following mixed age groups:

Junior League
  • Kids – (U8/U9/U10)
  • Juniors – (U11/U12/U13)
  • Teens – (U14/U15)
Senior League
  • Seniors – (16Years +)

Junior Social leagues are held  Friday evenings during the school term and Senior Social leagues are held Monday evenings during the school term.

Futsal social leagues are designed to be fun! There is no training, just games.

Summer Social Season Registrations Now Open

To nominate your team for competitions please fill in the form and wait to be contacted by our Futsal club staff.

​Teams must have a minimum of 7 players but we recommend 8. If you have less than 7 please put blank and we can help find you team mates.

Each team must have a Coach , who will be the main contact point during the season.

Each player must register individually only AFTER the team manager has been advised that your team nomination has been accepted by the club. To register please click the below link:


Gather your team and Join our Social Leagues

Player Registrations Opening Soon

Information for Players

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Spectator & Player Procedure


  1. Players must arrive 20 minutes before their game is due to start (they will be emailed their fixture prior to night). This allows time to get changed (We recommend they are already in uniform) and to put on their socks, shin pads and shoes. Also this gives them time to see which court they are on and if they wish to warm up. The oval is available for players who wish to warm up.
  2. Players must make sure they are not wearing any jewelry or watches.
  3. Players are to make sure as soon as the game before them finishes they are to head to their court and put equipment at their bench. They only have 5 minutes to do this as there is only a 5 minute break between games.
  4. If players are not on court 2 minutes after they were due to kick-off, then the game will be forfeited and the other team will take the points.
  5. For senior players on a Monday night, please respect the other sports in the court (Tennis) as they will be using the other courts at the same time. So be mindful when you are walking through the sports centre.


  1. Spectators are to sit in the designated area (see map above) and are not to go near the player’s bench or referees table.
  2. Spectators are to make sure they have signed in using the COVID safe app.
  3. Spectators are to refrain from shouting out to players unless it is encouraging and supporting the teams playing. Any foul language used or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  4. Spectators must be in compliance with the Genesis Futsal Club code of conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions

8 is the ideal number of players for a team, with a minimum of 7. Teams nominations with less than 7 players won’t be accepted to avoid unnecessary forfeits due to teams having not enough players. Players are often away for one reason or another so having no less than 7 players will ensure you will always have enough players at each game.

Yes! All games will be played at the same venue each week. The competition will be held at the Genesis Sport & Aquatics centre, 12-16 Young’s Crossing Road, Bray Park QLD 4500.

We will be running 4 mixed competitions that will be split into Junior and Senior groups.


Genesis Futsal Club will be running 3 Junior competitions. The junior age groups go up in 2 year increments. Please see below:

  • U8-U10 comp
  • U11-U13 comp
  • U14-U15 comp

If you have any questions such as: “We have a team with U10 and one U11. Can the 11-year-old play with the U10’s?” – the answer is ‘no’. Players are not allowed to play an age group down.

We also get asked the question, “We have a team of half 10 year olds and half 11 year olds. What age group do they play in?

They should play in the U12 comp as the 11 year olds can’t play in the lower age group with U9 & U10.

You are best to try to form teams that best align with our age groups.


In regards to our Senior competition, Genesis Futsal Club will be running a single competition for players 16+.

These teams can be mixed (Male & Female) as it is a mixed social competition.

All players must be fully registered with Genesis Futsal Club for insurance purposes. Any team caught using a non-registered player will have game points deducted. All player names are entered into the computer to confirm registration status. You CAN borrow another registered player from another team, but you must have at least 3 of your own before you can borrow. You can only borrow players to make up a team of 5 (You cannot borrow for additional substitutes).

No team training is required, however, it is up to players if they want to arrange their own training session. Most teams are happy to just come and play their weekly game. GSA facilities will not be provided to teams wanting to train as it is not a requirement and we have other sports using those facilities at different allocated times.

Team nominations are now open! If you have any questions, please contact us via email or call.

No. Each player pays their season registration fees up front and these include the match fees for the season.

Uniforms must be provided by team members. Teams must have matching uniforms (Shirt, Short & Socks). Numbers on the back are preferred.

Shin guards are a requirement for all players.

All uniforms must be respectful to viewers and have no bad language (swear words, bad nicknames, sexual innuendo, Blasphemy etc.) or crude images displayed.

Registration as a team is the preferred mode of application for Genesis Futsal Club. However, we realise it is difficult at time to get a team organised due to moving to a new city, family commitments or friends and family. Genesis Futsal club do attempt to accommodate individuals into teams. Please fill out the form link here and we will do our best to find a suitable team for you. Please be patient. When you hit submit on the form below we will receive your details and add them to a list. We will contact via email if a spot becomes available.

Register as an individual

No coach is required as this is a fun social competition. However, a team manager (Player or parent) must be appointed to ensure match sheets are submitted each game and to organise substitutions. Players will learn by playing the game – there is no need for a coach to be yelling instructions. Referees will also be there to guide (especially for junior players). Let the players enjoy the game and have fun!

Rules & Laws of Futsal

If a player receives two yellow cards during a match they will be automatically suspended for the next match & can’t play the rest of the game. If you get a straight red card, you will be suspended for the next match and potentially another consequence depending on the situation (E.g. violent conduct).

Substitutions can be made at any time, and you can have unlimited subs. Play will not be stopped for a substitution as it is a fast-paced game. Substitutions must be made in between the subs box which will be outlined using flat-cone markers.