• Get fit at Genesis
  • Gym memberships available at Genesis Sports & Aquatics
Genesis Sport and Aquatics isn’t just for the kids! We offer a range of activities, gym classes and programs to keep adults fit too.

Whether you’re a swimmer, runner, athlete or just starting out, you will find your healthy lifestyle at Genesis.

Genesis Sport and Aquatics offers the following options for parents and adults in the community:

  • Adult Swim Squads
  • Adult Triathlon Squads
  • Adult Tennis Fixtures
  • Adult Gym Memberships
  • Adult Gym Classes

All of our services can be packaged into all-inclusive memberships. Speak to us about what you’re after and we will guide you as to the best option for you. Alternatively, our adult fitness options can be accessed individually.

View the Adult Timetable here.

Pricing – All Inclusive (Adults)

12 months$660
6 months$350
3 months$190
20 visit card$140

Pricing – Gym Only (Adults)

12 months$299
6 months$165
3 months$85
1 month$35

Pricing – Gym Only (Seniors)

12 months$199
6 months$115
3 months$80
1 month$35

Pricing – Gym Only (Uni Students)

12 months$199
6 months$115
3 months$80
1 month$35